Walking the kids

We’ve started walking the mile loop by our house daily. R spends 50% of the time telling me how tired he is and that he can’t go any further, and 75% of the time running back and forth. Yes, I realize that math doesn’t add up. Tell him that.


Oh wait, dirt? Not tired anymore. He built himself a hill and dug for bugs to bring me.

And then the cat tail murders began. He was positively gleeful.


There was mass carnage.

And yes, he laid in it. I thought our girls knew how to get dirty. Ummm, nothing compares to how filthy this kid is at the end of the day. No matter how many outfits he goes through in a day, every single one is almost a completely different color than whatever it started out with when he pulled it out of his drawer.

Knife skills. Maybe I shouldn’t advertise this?


Another walk. Another posed “weird” face from the boy.

He came up with a lot of poses when I tried to take pics of his new fingerless mitts. The yarn is awful for a filthy little boy, but he loves it so much and thinks it’s the most beautiful yarn in my stash…so I totally caved (of course).

Wedding and stuff

Cousin Brett & Kaily being adorable.

The cousins zoning and R digging for gold. *sigh*

Horribly awful pic, but the first family dance was announced and Evan actually was able to convince C to join him. Jon said that she had a moment where she paused and he could tell her eyes were welling up, but she shook it off and they had a blast. My mom decided that was the time to faint, so that was the only shot I got as I turned to catch her.

R digging for bugs in Brandon & Sarah’s backyard. We missed Mira’s baby blessing, but we did go for the open house and finally see their new place. The kids are in love with their backyard and want to go back to destroy it some more.

First Attempt

So I came up with this brilliant idea that for Valentine’s Day the kids should let me take a group shot of them for their dad. Shockingly, they decided that this may not be the worst idea in the world, so when we went to the beach I tried to get some shots.




Conclusion: My kids are nuts and getting all 3 to take a photo somewhat seriously at the same time is a feat that I shall never accomplish.


Last night A said she wanted to start a new knitting project. She picked out my hand spun and I was feeling quite reluctant about letting her use it, but since she started using it she constantly praises the yarn as she knits and how can I feel bad about that? I’m really amazed at the progress she has made in her knitting. I feel like it has really clicked for her. She sat with me this afternoon while we both knit and chatted. I can’t find a single mistake so far and she’s even realized that she can knit without watching what she is doing now. She is gushing with excitement over this project and how fast it is coming along for her and I’m quite enjoying having another knitter in the house.

a knit


Something New

The girls started Cuong Nhu today and loved it. R sat with me and played Minecraft. While he loved that, I need to get a game plan of how to keep R happily sitting with me for an hour, without the use of screen time or anything that makes noise.

The younger two were all about the cuddles after we got home. So much so in fact, that they both fell asleep on me for about 2 hours. Since that hasn’t happened since they used to tandem nurse, it took me those 2 full hours to actually get enough motivation to move (elbows and knees shifting around to painful places helped with the motivation).


A has been really interested in cooking lately. We had more zucchini’s than we were going to eat, so I tasked her with making bread with it. I found a recipe that wasn’t quite so oil and sugar heavy, and wrote it out for her. She did most everything on her own. She even did most of the clean up, and said that she was enjoying it since it was part of the cooking process. Can I task her with all our meals? (And I have a feeling that if I pointed out how much math she did, she would request this as her math lesson every day.)