Walking the kids

We’ve started walking the mile loop by our house daily. R spends 50% of the time telling me how tired he is and that he can’t go any further, and 75% of the time running back and forth. Yes, I realize that math doesn’t add up. Tell him that.


Oh wait, dirt? Not tired anymore. He built himself a hill and dug for bugs to bring me.

And then the cat tail murders began. He was positively gleeful.


There was mass carnage.

And yes, he laid in it. I thought our girls knew how to get dirty. Ummm, nothing compares to how filthy this kid is at the end of the day. No matter how many outfits he goes through in a day, every single one is almost a completely different color than whatever it started out with when he pulled it out of his drawer.

Knife skills. Maybe I shouldn’t advertise this?


Another walk. Another posed “weird” face from the boy.

He came up with a lot of poses when I tried to take pics of his new fingerless mitts. The yarn is awful for a filthy little boy, but he loves it so much and thinks it’s the most beautiful yarn in my stash…so I totally caved (of course).

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