Finished Objects


Angry bird plushies
laptop sleeve
Grandparents plaque
Canvas print of Jamie
Alysa Cowl


Medium firecracker curly-purly soaker
Green Squid-A-Licious
White baby booties
NB/SM marrhaven longies
SM recycled longies
belly bands

white newborn hat (for trade)
blue linen wrap
snap-on sheepy bracelet for Adeline
stenciled Loch-ness/squid shirt for Brett

hand-dyed green curly purly soaker
hemlock & shaba striped med longies

linen ring sling
satin bound baby blanket

newborn green & blue striped soaker
pink rosebud quilt
Snap-together Easter baskets
Cherry & floral chalkmats
Grey wool newborn hat
Purple check & Bright flower chalk mat (commissioned)

newborn Island Lake cabled longies
nb & sm KQS pull on covers

#1 & #2 small prototype diapers
Island Lake cabled hat
tiny cotton baby booties
pp mama pads
chocolate velour 2 size diapers
Sm KQS diaper cover
Sm PF shorties for Kira
NB KQS diaper cover for Kira
80’s hat for Roland
Sheep & Fishy shorts for the girls
“5 min skirt” (for me!)
Boppy cover
(2) fish & (1) striped 2 rise diapers
Prayer Shawl squares for Whitney
Emmeline apron
Ryan’s sweater
Kitchen mitts
Domokun nano cozy
teething toy (1 of 2)
New Baby sweater
kid-sized apron
bath mitts
Wool hat
Chenille washcloths
bird ornament


12-cabled toddler hat
Cabled child’s hat
5-hr baby sweater
Felted Scarecrow hat
Mimi the handwarmer
Ribby Cardi
Pj pants
Peace Fleece newborn soaker
Toddler shrug
Hand-dyed newborn longies
Alpaca Shedir hat
Corduroy toddler jacket
Crayon Cozy
Crayon cozy #2
Small dip-dyed soaker
Ballerina shirt
Cherry Mei Tai
Green dot shirt
Coral Pixie Hat
My So Called Scarf (child size)
Rolled cuff newborn soaker in Tundra PF
Ribbed cuff newborn soaker in Tundra PF
Newborn longies in Suyuz Teal PF

Joella’s Mei Tai
Small Volgasippi Blue PF longies
Kitchen curtains

Small Marrhaven Longies w/ i-cord hem
Small brown & blue fair isle soaker
Pink Pooh Bear soaker
Rainbow Monkey-key soaker

Striped shower curtain
Small firecracker soaker
Dining room curtians
Shaba Swing Thing
Laptop Pouch
Baby socks
Sleepy Snake and Mischievous Mouse
Landen’s medium shorties in Buffalo Brownski
Noah’s tunic
Birthday crayon cozy
medium soaker in Patience Blue
Ancient Fern med soaker
Ancient Fern med longies

Toddler ring sling
Brett’s Siberian Midnight PF sweater
5 cable newborn hat
Bat & Ghost costumes
A cardigan for Cailyn
The Juice Monster
Cailyn’s We Call Them Pirates hat
Brett’s Squid-A-Licios
Adeline’s Center Square hat
4 “quilted” ornaments
Adeline’s pink felted mocs
Pom pom ear flap hat (Alysa)
Calorimetry (Ashley)
Cailyn’s blue felted mocs
Little Midwife kit

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