School day

This week the girls carpooled over to their weekly classes for the first time. They walked over to our friend’s house and got a ride from there. I think this is the first time I’ve “sent” A off to school. That wave is for you Brett.

A wave girls

After they left R wanted to work on some of his new workbooks. He’s been trying to take over all of A’s old workbooks, so our EC gave him a few of his own. He really enjoyed himself.


Until, that is, he didn’t. This is where he was frustrated with me for not spelling “A” out for him. He kept insisting that he wanted to “write the word A, not draw it”, and me saying that it was just the one letter didn’t meet with his approval.


One of the kids

Lego Arcee

I think my cat has adopted my kids obsession with legos. I get it when she is playing with the legos along with the kids, but she plays with them when they’ve left them out and have wandered off as well. She will dig around the bins and bury her head in it until she finds whatever lego she is looking for. Then she takes it out and bats it around for a bit until she decides she needs a different lego. Then she hunts through the bin again. She’s as intent on picking out the right lego as the kids are.

Little brother

Roland came up to me after dinner and said he had a secret to tell me. He made me promise not to tell the girls, then he pulled my ear to his lips and whispered,
“Look at Cailyn, she’s so pretty.”
And then looked me in the eye and again told me not to tell.