NY Times No-Knead bread

This is the 2nd time I’ve made this bread and I did everything in my power to ruin it. I mean really. I replaced half the flour with whole wheat, accidentally let it rise for closer to 24 hrs the first time, got it stuck to the towel after the 2nd rise so that it was totally deflated and missing a bunch of dough when I plopped it into the baking dish, and then lost track of the cooking time so it ended up baking the entire time with the lid on.

It still came out fabulous. I need to grind some more wheat and make another loaf. Brett and I used it for sandwiches tonight and so there is none left.


p.s. I’m usually not that bad with bread…I swear!


This afternoon Cailyn came running in, excited to tell me about the New Year’s party that her and Adeline were having. The had decorated the living room with dyed prefolds and had the guests all lined up. The first 4 animals you see are the 3 kitties and squid that Adeline carries everywhere. And those 4? Those are just the staples. I’m often amazed at the amount of animals that she has to carry around each day.


And since I slacked off and missed a couple days posting, here is a sleepy baby Squeaks. Cailyn finally decided that Squeaks was too small for her and handed her off to Adeline. I love hearing the high pitched eek’s again.


The up side.

If anything was going to cause a thyroid storm/heart attack for me, I would have had one today.

Ok, maybe that’s too dramatic of a note to leave this post on. ;p Everything is fine, I just had to survive being in Brett’s Volvo while being towed up and down hills & going 50mph on the highway. I was terrified, but I did it!

Squid-A-Licios #2

Adeline fell head over heels in love with Brett’s Squid that he got for Christmas, so she decided that she Must have one of her own. And it Must be green. So a green squid it is. Every day she has either asked or demanded “Mama, make me squid” and we played tug of war with it tonight as I was sewing the last two stitches on the last eye. She’s sleeping with it now and I love that she loves it.

dsc_6995-modified-in-gimp-image-editor.JPG dsc_6990-modified-in-gimp-image-editor.JPG dsc_6996-modified-in-gimp-image-editor.JPG