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Something New

The girls started Cuong Nhu today and loved it. R sat with me and played Minecraft. While he loved that, I need to get a game plan of how to keep R happily sitting with me for an hour, without the use of screen time or anything that makes noise.

The younger two were all about the cuddles after we got home. So much so in fact, that they both fell asleep on me for about 2 hours. Since that hasn’t happened since they used to tandem nurse, it took me those 2 full hours to actually get enough motivation to move (elbows and knees shifting around to painful places helped with the motivation).

Backyard Camping

Since Grandma has been here we have been Go-Go-Go. We had planned to join our charter school on a camping trip, but the day before we decided that it was just something that we really didn’t want to do (especially since we would arrive rather late because of gymnastics). The kids didn’t want to miss out on camping, so we decided to have our own camp out without leaving the house. We ate camping food, had s’mores with homemade marshmallows, and then set up the tent on our tiny patio for the night. Not one of the kids lasted past 12:30am out there, but after I recovered from the rough night I decided it was still worth it.


So it turns out that somewhere in the craft/play room closet there was a packet of orange dylon dye. And while I was making lunch, Roland found it, opened it, and dumped the entire contents on the carpet. Then realizing that I would not be pleased, he decided to try and clean it by dumping water on it (thus activating the dye).

::deep breath::

The inside of my vacuum is now pink.
I learned that my carpet cleaner no longer sprays water (but does, thankfully, suck it up).
And well, it’s looking rather hopeless that all the dye will come out.

Happy Easter

The kids looked adorable in their new Easter outfits. You will just have to take my word for it since I didn’t take a single photo today (or any since California).

* Sewing machine pedal is dead, so sewing is on pause.
* Knitting on pause.
* Getting the house ready to put on the market is on full force. …well, actually, that is mostly on Brett seeing as my energy reserves are at absolute zero. I am however, doing all the stressing out for him! ;p

I hope to resume blogging in 3 months or so. :)


My tentative (wishful?) plan for the summer (ok, non rainy days) is 2 park-playdates a week, 2 days at our community beach & 1 day playing in our own yard (so that I can maybe get a little done in it). I am really loving the weather we have been having and how little time is spend *in* the house. I am a firm believer in spending large chunks of time outdoors in nature, and I hope to make up for being rather wussy about going out in the rain with all the kids this winter.


  • There are currently 25 dresses hanging up in the girl’s closet.
  • 4 (5?) more dresses are in the laundry
  • 4 dresses put in the swap pile
  • about a half dozen dresses just pulled out and put away for winter
  • countless more dresses in the bin that I’m pretending don’t fit

Addie has 2 favorite dresses that she has been switching back and forth for the past week (or more?) Just today she’s gone through about 5 different dresses.