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Wedding and stuff

Cousin Brett & Kaily being adorable.

The cousins zoning and R digging for gold. *sigh*

Horribly awful pic, but the first family dance was announced and Evan actually was able to convince C to join him. Jon said that she had a moment where she paused and he could tell her eyes were welling up, but she shook it off and they had a blast. My mom decided that was the time to faint, so that was the only shot I got as I turned to catch her.

R digging for bugs in Brandon & Sarah’s backyard. We missed Mira’s baby blessing, but we did go for the open house and finally see their new place. The kids are in love with their backyard and want to go back to destroy it some more.

Live Oak

Wednesday was a math activity/school photos day for Hickman. It was kind of nice that I had so much going on that day since it kept me from thinking too much about the fact that it was my wedding anniversary and that I couldn’t even talk to Brett. He did send me an adorable email, so it was still special.

And Now We Are Six!

Adeline’s birthday was on Saturday and in honor of her the family got together for a fabulous tea party.


Last weekend we got a very last minute, short visit from Brett. It was very much needed. Monday, before he headed back, we went out and picked up some bahn mi to eat at the park. Afterwards we got Adeline’s birthday scoop and my “pint for a pint” and ate ice cream out by the water. All too soon it was time for goodbye hugs.

Last night…

Roland and I were cuddling on the couch after our drive back home and I asked him, “So Roland, did you have a good Christmas?”

“Yeah, Christmas Daddy. Daddy Christmas good.”

“Christmas was good because daddy was here?”

” Yeah, Christmas, Daddy, happy.”

I think that sums up our vacation perfectly. <3