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A has been really interested in cooking lately. We had more zucchini’s than we were going to eat, so I tasked her with making bread with it. I found a recipe that wasn’t quite so oil and sugar heavy, and wrote it out for her. She did most everything on her own. She even did most of the clean up, and said that she was enjoying it since it was part of the cooking process. Can I task her with all our meals? (And I have a feeling that if I pointed out how much math she did, she would request this as her math lesson every day.)


School day

This week the girls carpooled over to their weekly classes for the first time. They walked over to our friend’s house and got a ride from there. I think this is the first time I’ve “sent” A off to school. That wave is for you Brett.

A wave girls

After they left R wanted to work on some of his new workbooks. He’s been trying to take over all of A’s old workbooks, so our EC gave him a few of his own. He really enjoyed himself.


Until, that is, he didn’t. This is where he was frustrated with me for not spelling “A” out for him. He kept insisting that he wanted to “write the word A, not draw it”, and me saying that it was just the one letter didn’t meet with his approval.


Phases of the Moon

This week our focus has been on phases of the moon. We decorated plates yesterday (and destroyed some tortillas), and today we (*cough* I) made a model to show the different phases. All of the colored ping pong balls are placed on the board in the same orientation, but with your head in the middle as Earth is, your perspective changes.

Live Oak

Wednesday was a math activity/school photos day for Hickman. It was kind of nice that I had so much going on that day since it kept me from thinking too much about the fact that it was my wedding anniversary and that I couldn’t even talk to Brett. He did send me an adorable email, so it was still special.

Cuneiform & Gravity Wells