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Walking the kids

We’ve started walking the mile loop by our house daily. R spends 50% of the time telling me how tired he is and that he can’t go any further, and 75% of the time running back and forth. Yes, I realize that math doesn’t add up. Tell him that.


Oh wait, dirt? Not tired anymore. He built himself a hill and dug for bugs to bring me.

And then the cat tail murders began. He was positively gleeful.


There was mass carnage.

And yes, he laid in it. I thought our girls knew how to get dirty. Ummm, nothing compares to how filthy this kid is at the end of the day. No matter how many outfits he goes through in a day, every single one is almost a completely different color than whatever it started out with when he pulled it out of his drawer.

Knife skills. Maybe I shouldn’t advertise this?


Another walk. Another posed “weird” face from the boy.

He came up with a lot of poses when I tried to take pics of his new fingerless mitts. The yarn is awful for a filthy little boy, but he loves it so much and thinks it’s the most beautiful yarn in my stash…so I totally caved (of course).


Last night A said she wanted to start a new knitting project. She picked out my hand spun and I was feeling quite reluctant about letting her use it, but since she started using it she constantly praises the yarn as she knits and how can I feel bad about that? I’m really amazed at the progress she has made in her knitting. I feel like it has really clicked for her. She sat with me this afternoon while we both knit and chatted. I can’t find a single mistake so far and she’s even realized that she can knit without watching what she is doing now. She is gushing with excitement over this project and how fast it is coming along for her and I’m quite enjoying having another knitter in the house.

a knit


Rainy Day Cardi

Love. This. Sweater. Though it did give me a few panic attacks along the way.

#1: The original plan was to have the sweater light grey with undyed stripes. I used the silver dye from knitpicks and it came out WAY darker than I meant. Crap. So I tried to even out the botched dye job and was very careful to dye the coordinating yarn with a very light hand with the same dye.

#2: Actually not really an attack, but a lot of tinkering with the pattern as I went. I was trying to keep the sweater small enough for my frame, but also long enough since all my height is in my torso. I tried playing Clue while messing with all the stitch counts and I was yelling that the designers math was all wrong. It wasn’t. Don’t figure out who killed who with what while trying to mesh 2 sizes and doing a bit of other random improve.

#3: I DIDN’T DYE ENOUGH YARN!! I thought I way over compensated, but I didn’t think about the fact that not only did I want full length sleeves, but that I would need to add several inches to the body length. Crap! That first batch was a @#$^% to dye. (Tiny panic attack when I couldn’t find anymore yarn…but it was there. Put away. In the closet.)

#4: Dye lot #2 came out less variegated and a hair lighter after using all of the rest of the dye. What am I going to do?

Hah! Alternating the 2 dyelots on the sleeves worked out perfectly. Annoying, but you can’t tell the difference from the body. I have the ittiest bit of dyelot #1 leftover. All the button band is knit with dyelot #2, but it works, so yay!

Again, I love this sweater. So comfortable and fits like I wanted. So yay! But BOO to weaving in the bazillion ends and have I ever told you how much I hate picking up stitches? Oh, and how sloooow I am at i-cord bind off? But still. Worth. It.


Opening ceremonies for Ravelympics 2010 started at 6pm tonight. My goal for the next 19 days is to complete a 2nd garter yoke cardi for myself…one that actually fits this time. I’m also doing a little bit of modification on the neck, since the first one was too wide for my narrow shoulders. Here it is at the end of day one: